OVD 2017 Concert Series 

In support of the Kings Cross Soup Kitchen & The Railaco Mission. 

In 2015, Opera van Diemensland presented the inaugural concert performance of Heart & Hand to raise money for the Kings Cross Soup Kitchen. The performance itself is a hybrid concert format of classical recital, stand-up comedy and Vaudeville sing-along. The audience is encouraged to film and take photos...without a flash... and they are also encouraged to call out, to be part of the experience, rather than be passive bystanders. The result was a furore for more! 

[The audience is]

 ...encouraged to call out, to be part of the experience, rather than be passive bystanders.

And so with the success of the first concert, more were expected. Unfortunately, due to overseas commitments, tenor Martin Thomas Buckingham, the creator and producer of the show, was not available in 2016. So the year passed without a repeat performance. However, this year, OVD hopes to make up for it by establishing a dedicated, annual concert series in support of the Kings Cross Soup Kitchen & Railaco Mission based in East Timor.   

Two Spectacular original shows! 


Heart & Hand 3 - Sunday 10th September 3pm & 14th October 7:30pm 

Oh Solo Me show - Saturday, 9th September & 28th October 7:30pm 

Heart & Hand 3 represents a third installment of the partnership between baritone Greg McCreanor and tenor Martin Buckingham, but wait there's more! This time round the duo becomes a trio with the addition of musical theatre sensation Marcus Rivara. We're really excited to have Marcus with us. His unique abilities make him an ideal addition to the current Comic Vs Straight Man dynamic. 

Heart & Hand 3 

Oh Solo Me Show, A European Odyssey